Baz & Fred now in Timeout!

Our ovens

We proudly introduce Baz & Fred's (not so) secret weapon... The Chadwick Oven!


Designed by engineer and sculptor Daniel Chadwick, these pizza ovens are at the heart of our business. They replicate the temperatures of a full-sized brick pizza oven reaching 500 degrees in 10 minutes. Not just beautiful objects they cook crispy pizzas with a thin base and the perfect crust in a touch over 3 minutes. Daniel Chadwick also happens to be Baz's Godfather (one of the family).

We have designed our own pizza trolleys to house 4 to 6 of these ovens all going at once. With the precise engineering of the oven, our dough recipe, great fresh ingredients and impeccable service we supply consistently excellent food to any event you can invite us to.